Personalised Constellation Coaster, Star Signs


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Shoot for the stars with one of our star sign horoscope constellation coasters. With a dark starry sky background and personalised white text on the top, these coasters will make the perfect gift for your loved ones, whether it be for their new home or birthday gift!

Each of the twelve star signs are available. You can add a name and a date whilst each constellation comes with four traits. For the traits of each star sign please see below.

Designed and made with love in our Hampshire workshop.


Size: 10cm diameter

Libra – Idealistic, Social, Clever, and Gracious.

Scorpio – Bold, Determined, Mysterious, and Creative.

Sagittarius – Loyal, Smart, Assertive, and Compassionate.

Capricorn – Ambitious, Organized, Practical, and Sensitive.

Aquarius – Advanced, Clever, Exceptional, and Optimistic.

Pisces – Empathetic, Romantic, Imaginative, and Mystical.

Virgo – Modest, Helpful, Reliable, and Patient.

Leo – Protective, Popular, Generous, and Ambitious.

Cancer – Intuitive, Loyal, Enigmatic, and Nostalgic.

Gemini – Imaginative, Outgoing, Knowledgeable, and Curious.

Taurus – Intelligent, Dependable, Dedicated, and Stubborn.

Aries – Passionate, Motivated, Confident, and Independant.

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Personalised Constellation Coaster, Star Signs RFCO008UV
Personalised Constellation Coaster, Star Signs